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Surprise! The moment you prepared for...

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It wasn't the big one. It wasn't a biological threat. It wasn't Armageddon or the Apocalypse. It wasn't Zombies or anarchy or any of the above.

It may have been a personal crisis in the home.

In our case the emergency was a job change. This entailed weeks of laying aside foods and home goods for the routine changes we were to endure. By setting up the right supplies, we can get through the financial switch. We have had to adjust to a new schedule and a new set of policies and an adjustment in the paycheck temporarily .

By having foods and goods in the home and fortifying our sudden extreme swing in budgeting we are able to make ends meet and supply our family's nutritional needs without much of a sacrifice.

We will be able to have 3 square meals a day through the food supplies already here in the home. This is a good thing, too, for rotating out product that waits for times like this. We prefer to use our stock on a regular basis. This insures our food is always good quality. We can then use the cash we would have spent on fancy meals on other things more pressing.

Other scenarios for preparedness that isn't a global disaster is having the family bread winner take ill or need a hospitalization. There may have been a death in the family or maybe a major expense has arisen that needs to be tended to like a vehicle that needs major repair. In these situations having a few weeks to a few months of supplies in your home eases the tensions and can help facilitate the healing that needs to take place for the finances to get back to normal. Eating right and eating well supplies much needed physical as well as mental strengthening.

Things don't always have to be a civil disaster to be a crisis. Preparedness and survival are a day to day thing for some families. Think ahead. Live frugal. Store extra nutritional support for your family when ever possible. By adding a few extras to the pantry and pinching pennies in this manner you are not only saving for peace of mind, you are spending less on fuel to and from the market and you are spending less time there as well something we could all use a little more of! We know we get a little spoiled with the fast food convenience in our society and that's ok sometimes. 

Plan a frugal month or two. Set a goal to exist off of your food storage supply and test out your abilities to make this as balanced an experience as possible. When you involve the family in an experiment like this use the money you saved for an activity at the end of the month. This conditions you and your family to the foods you have set aside. By consuming these products you can better plan for a future when you really need to have this supply and stock accordingly.

The best reason to do this is to know what your family will REALLY eat!

Make it fun. It doesn't have to be all beans and gruel!

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