Monday, October 1, 2012

Bushcraft Kits - Extreme Survival Gear

A Bushcraft kit contains tools for surviving off the land in very primitive surroundings and harsh conditions


Think extreme survival gear and tools on a small enough scale that you can carry them in addition to a 72 hour kit.

The basic 72 hour kit is great if you had to bug out to a shelter in your area. These shelters are not a place you would want to have weapons or gear such as an axe or firestarting materials. The smaller area you and your gear take up the more people can be housed in in the shelter. Emergency shelters are for situations such as a hurricane, tornado, or an earthquake taking your neighborhood off of the map.
Sort out emergency gear into sets for mild or extreme emergencies.

We all know we should pack and have ready a 72 hour or bug out kit. These kits are designed and personalized to contain what we need to feed and clothe ourselves for approximately 3 days in the event of a disaster. Having food, water, first aid supplies, a bed roll, and a change of clothes is in the ideal bug out kit and are for general purposes. The basic necessities in these kits aren't something that need to take up a lot of space.

But what about the other gear you might want to consider?
Video: How To Use An Axe For Bushcraft

In a Bushcraft kit we need to be ready to do some hunting, foraging, and fishing.

Two items that come to mind are a buck (or bowie) knife and an axe (or hatchet). 


These two tools are something that would not be allowed in a shelter but are necessities in roughing it and setting up camp in the great outdoors. 


In addition to these tools also consider packing a standard mess kit like the ones the scouts use. It takes up very little space and packs neatly into itself.

Don't forget a set of utensils!


Bushcraft Kit Supplies:

Supplies such as a few yards of rope and twine can be invaluable for things like lashing together branches for a lean-to or tie down a tent in windy conditions. Twine can be handy for making a primitive bow or lashing sticks together. It can also be used for making animal traps. 

Suggested list for a basic Bushcraft kit:

Axe or Hatchet
Buck Knife
Fillet knife w/ knife sharpener
Magnesium Firestarter
A small fishing tackle box
Mess kit
Utensil Set
A small tent
Small shovel or trowel

Bushcraft tools and supplies in a portable kit can be an essential life saving set in the event of an extreme emergency OR maybe just an impromptu camping trip. Keep your skills fresh and tools handy!

There are other things I am sure I am leaving out but this list is basic enough to get you started. If you have any suggestions on what to put in a Bushcraft kit or would like to list the contents of your kit, feel free to post it!

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