Monday, October 14, 2013

We Love Our Animals - Funny Animal Videos

I love my animals, two tiny guinea pigs at the moment. They are tiny next to your dog and cat. They are the reasons I love coming home at night and why I am responsible. They cannot take care of themselves without help, unlike humans. 

If you get time, read up on Preparedness And Your Pets - Continued. 

We need always take care of these innocent creatures, large and small. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the prepping plans, share in the comments box.

I will get back to preparedness discussion  soon. I am moving to a new location which will net me some rich topics! I am so excited! My container garden will be getting a much needed transfer to a back yard with a lot of area. I may still operate in a container style planting, but I will be able to also do in ground growing. Look forward to these posts at the end of January. For now, I am winter prepping my plants. I want to make sure each of them have a covering or if needs be can be brought indoors.

The Cherry Tomato that I thought died off, came back and I am proud to say it is now blossoming and soon will be producing tomatoes. I am bringing this one indoors and placing it under a light during the colder months. My banana pepper plant is thriving and giving me both flowers and a few peppers.

As for the rest of my month, I am organizing for a move from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house. I just started college online and I have also moved to being a vapor user instead of a cigarette smoker! E-Cigarettes have become my lifestyle. So all seriousness aside, I think it is time for some fun stuff!

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I love watching the funny things animals do in some situations. 

While I am not posting serious stuff today, I wanted to highlight some of my very favorite critter videos from YouTube I have run across recently. 


Wet Dog 

Dogs and cats can be planned for just like planning for our children and the means to do so are provided for you in the link above. What other animals can you think of that people might own as pets? There are reptiles, arachnids, rodents, and birds. These are the most common of exotic pets in the household. 


All in all we need to make sure these creatures are on our preparedness planning list. If you have an exotic animal be it a snake, spider, or some other creepy crawly, how are you going to care for it in emergencies? 

Snakes can go into a cloth bag for transport. What do you need to feed it? Can you bring a jar along with goldfish or are you planning to capture small rodents or insects to feed it when it is time? I know they only eat every few weeks or so. They are probably the easiest pets to care for. They don't bark, need water, or food every day.

This spider and any arachnid would need a carrying case or container to be evacuated safely. Their food source would have to be considered, too. Keep in mind that a high stress environment may kill that pet. 

Consider the risk of bringing them with you. Is it worth the effort?


Are you one of the creepy creature fans?

The Spider Who Couldn't Hide

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween Everyone!