Saturday, July 20, 2013

Severe Thunderstorms In Vegas Lands Furnished Projectiles

Las Vegas Cab Driver Takes A Seat At The Rio!

In the high winds, rain, and hail tonight, Las Vegas found itself faced with severe storm damage across the valley. 

Power was knocked out in areas south of the Rio resulting in traffic light disruption. The roadways filled with water causing some areas to be a river of rain water. 

Wind carried items with speeds up to 71 mph according to the Review Journal. Trees were downed and the area around the city prone to flooding did cause some major traffic delays.

Cabbie - Take A Seat!

A taxi driver was in for a huge surprise as she exited the driveway heading south on Rio Drive. 

A white, leather couch planted itself in front of her cab barely missing the hood. 

She did collide with the item and knocked the bumper loose. "I am lucky I wasn't killed!" replied taxi driver, Ms. Sarah. A foot or two closer to the windshield and she might have been. 

There were 4 couch benches total ripped off of the top of the Rio's Voodoo Lounge. This club is 50 stories atop the Rio Hotel. 
Two of the couches landed in the front of the hotel. I saw this one on my way in tonight. It was in the median entering the hotel.I was wondering where it came from when I met Ms. Sarah. 

She's lucky all that happened was a dislocated bumper.

Storm damages

In related news, pieces of the strip are without their fancy neon lighting as various objects were tossed around the city's resort corridor. 

Damages all over can be seen tonight. 

Lights on the outside of the Luxor are missing. 

Various properties including the Rio are facing repairs to their Marquee signs and lighting displays.  New York New York's Sign has been reworded with sideways V's.

The Hotel is partially striped with it's gold neon. 

The rains will continue through the week. 

This storm system is not over by a long shot!