Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Survival Preparedness?

Looking at ways we need to support ourselves in relation to preparedness planning brings me to address certain issues in uncertain times. 


Scouring through reasons to plan  for crisis and disaster isn't difficult. 


Look at the events in today's headline news with serious examples of why to prepare. Why Survival Preparedness? For me some of the reasons are clearly evident with natural disasters in the forms of floods, fires, storms, and financial difficulties. 

Hedge your bets! Insure with your family for times when the budget is tight or the seasonal weather is rolling in. There are dozens of reasons to prepare! Bet it won't happen to you by planning ahead that it does!

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Author: RiaB

Descriptions of why you would need preparedness is as follows:
Severe storms ~ Image: MorgueFiles
Minor events vs Major Catastrophies

The lights went out last night in our home. Ok, so we won't be able to use the computer, and what else.

1) No electricity?

In our home in Florida this would have also meant the water supply was cut off because we have a drilled well with a water pump and a water softener filter system that both need electrical power to supply the home.

In my home in Nevada no electricity means the temperature of our home is increasing to unhealthy proportions in our blistering summers.

2) No water supply?

With no electricity and no water, we have no heat, no air conditioning or ways to cook, no bathing or showering.

Let's imagine this is a county wide situation. The absence of ...(more..)

Planning against disasters in these modern times is often approached with skepticism and views of preppers being paranoid. The events unfolding just in news headlines TODAY tell us otherwise. I am preparing for the same reason I would would fill up my car with gasoline. I want to make sure I have the things on hand I need. Fuel in the tank means I don't have to sit on a roadside because my car ran out of gas. Prudent planning is a smart idea! Two reasons are listed above for preparing. There are dozens more...