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Storing Foods


Storing Foods At Home and In Emergency Kits


Assure your food supply at home and in emergency kits is stored in the right container and at the right temperatures. 


This makes a big difference in what you choose to store and how you go about storing foods. Use these foods! Rotating your home food stock is necessary to preserve it's freshness and quality. Plan regular meals around your food storage items and replenish products every now and then.

Preventing the infestation of food destroying bugs and preserving the quality of the food stored should be considered when selecting containers or when you are making the initial purchase.

Make a note of the expiration dates. Some foods keep for a couple years. Some only keep for a few months.

Whether you are using dry storage or a freezer, small pantry or a large bulk preparedness storage room, keeping the product usable is as important as what to store.

Pantry Emergency Food Store:

Canned goods keep for about 2 years where a freeze-dried food choice will keep at the right temperature for over 5 in a mylar bag and up to 20+ in specially lined cans. Store foods in cool dark places. Ideally temperatures should be between 60 and 72 degrees.

Storing Foods - The 72 Hour Kit

Collect foods for 3 days to set aside in a bug out bag or 72 hour kit. Food that can tolerate temperatures up to 140 like the Mayday High Calorie Emergency Bar will fit nicely in an emergency kit. They taste like Oatmeal, Apple Spice cookies and will store well up to around 5 years. They come in 1200, 2400, and 3200 calorie portions. 

MRE's For Emergency Kits

MRE's are a great addition to emergency bags. They come in packages with a complete meal or just the entree itself. A complete meal has the MRE heater included and a few goodies such as a powdered drink mix and other items to make a balanced meal. The complete MRE Meals are normally sealed in mylar bags so the shelf life on these is recommended at around 5 years. A camping trip is a good time to be creative when using one of these meals. Test out the ones you like and set them aside for your pantry or emergency kit.

A Foodie Tries His First MRE:
for a serious MRE review check this video:


That's the silly side of MRE's 


Other Food Storage Ideas:


Protein powders keep long as well. Items such as crackers and small canned meats shouldn't be stored in a car but should be stored in an emergency bag ready to go at home.

There are a variety of great emergency food companies in our market place and the value of these foods in an emergency is without question. No matter which company you chose to supply your food storage be assured that to have a balanced meal on hand in times where there is no other option protects our health, insures our comfort. and feeds our strength.
What are your favorite storage foods?
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