Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home Production

Survival and Home Production

Our society is so microwave and go. Pull into a fast food joint and eat. A lot of us don't even know how to cook anymore. Home production is cooking, canning, baking, creating a freezer stock of ready to thaw and eat meals. Yes, left overs. But good ones. You know what you like to eat! Learn how to make and preserve them! Learn what survival foods you can use to recreate it in survival mode.

Working in your kitchen is a survival skill!

Practice using your survival goods. Make at least one meal a week using the foods you have stored. Putting away food for just in case isn't what food storage is about. It's about self-sufficiency. That means using what you have so it stays fresh for when you truly do need it.

Start by  making something simple from scratch when you have time. For example: make a couple of banana bread loaves and use one, freeze one. Do some crock pot meals and freeze half of the meal. Set up a basic recipe file. Meal planners are good, too. Stick to the recipes you like and build around your basic meals.

One of my favorite suvival meals is mac and tomato sauce. It's 2 c elbow mac, 1 small can tomato sauce, green beans, and some seasonings. I have the mac in bulk now and have a couple cases of the sauce and a few bottles of the seasonings. Frozen ground beef is kept on hand for days I want to add meat to it. Though this isn't a 5 star restaurant meal it's something I can make quickly and something I can create out of my survival goods just in case.  It fill the belly and that's important. You can't think straight on an empty stomach especially stressed out in a crisis.

Home production starts with a simple recipe. Survival preparedness starts the same way. One simple recipe....

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