Monday, April 9, 2012

Survival Food Companies

There are many food companies in the survival business. Some specialize in convenient pre-selected large packages for long term purchase. Others have a catalog where you can select and build your own long term store. They all feature long shelf lives.

I have found some companies have an inexpensive price tag which looks great until you read the fine print. The weight content is why the foods are cheaper. Find the heaviest weight in the product you are seeking and you have found the best value for your money. This is valuable information when putting as much product in the space you have available. I personally want to store the heaviest possible amounts as I am limited on places I can put my foods in the storage area I have allocated.

Popular Preparedness for Emergency Survival Food Online Catalogs:

Free Food Storage Calculator:
Shelf Reliance

Large Selection of Entrees:

Special Packages in mylar bags:
Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

Small storable container selection:
Lindon Farms Food Storage

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