Friday, April 20, 2012

Vitamins for Emergencies

Vitamin's Benefit in High Stress Crisis

Disasters and crisis deplete our bodies of necessary nutrients. Stress can rob us of the building blocks we need to recover quickly and the stores we gain energy from. Vitamin and supplement items added to a bug out kit and emergency food stock makes great sense.

Tablets and powders that contain high nutrients take up very little space. The nutritional supplements help replace needed vitamins and minerals burned by stress. Common vitamins such as Vit C and D reward the body with defence against colds and support the immune system. With the nutritional needs packed into tiny tablets and helpful powders space is conserved and our daily required amounts (RDA) are helped to be met.

Multi-vitamins and other convenient supplements can aid our body's energy stores and carry us through events that could deplete our systems nutrients through stresses and physical effort. Choose wisely and match your family's particular health needs to the right supplement.

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