Friday, April 13, 2012

What if's we don't think about...

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From a conversation with one of my preparedness clients:

What if?
Where you live it is a possibility. The power grid shuts down. Guess what! No power means no water. Without electricity the city's water pumps aren't working. No water in the home?
No toilet, no water at the kitchen sink or shower. Family with no water? Sunk!

What if? You are sitting on a highway miles from anywhere with modern conveniences. There is a wreck on the highway and guess what!? You are left on that patch of road for hours until the emergency vehicles and authorities clear up the scene and get traffic flowing again. Having a kit with some basics in it is going to make that wait a little easier. With energy bars and a couple bottles of water, YOU won't be famished and dehydrated by the time things get going.

What if? Your neighborhood has a major fire or is close to a chemical spill. Your home isn't affected but they have blocked off the entrances to where your home is. They need to contain the fire or clean-up that poison. Waiting until you can return home again may be hours or days.

What if? You get a few water jugs filled. Prepare a bug out kit for your home. Put a 72 hour and a first kit in your car. Have some food storage and emergency energy sources standing by.

Plan for a what if. May it never happen, but if it does, be grateful you made sure you had your supplies ready.

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